Saturday, January 10, 2009

Up, up, and...

I've blogged for classes before.  Not created a blog.  In fact, not ever created a blog.  Never.  So this is already new.  It seems like the guilt will be much sharper if you neglect your own blog.  Guilt, guilt is a mother tongue.

A few questions about audience:

I've always appreciated moving more of the classroom outside the classroom--and a blog does just that.  My brother can read this.  My wife.  A classmate from St. Pat's Elementary School.  Not that any of them would want to (maybe my wife and my mother, but then again, do you really need anyone else to?).  

But this confuses me about audience or, maybe more precisely, confuses me even more about academic audiences.  Should a blog, written for a science-fiction/future media/utopia theory course in a Ph.D. program, for a grade, but posted in public, for all to see who want to see, should this blog write only for students enrolled in the class?

Again I don't have delusions of grandeur.  Not many, at least.  I don't expect anyone but people in the class, and then probably only under coercion, to glance at the posts here.  I'm also aware that google provides a few checkboxes that could make this a non-issue.

Yet there's the matter of principle.  Shouldn't "academic" work play in larger theaters?  Even if the seats are empty?  For clarity's sake?  For the sake of grounding?  Inflate to deflate, that sort of thing?

Yes or no, off we go, into utopia, with questions of expectations and expectations of questions.

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